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Annemasse is a great starting point for a diverse traveling experience. Located on the border of Geneva, Switzerland and in the far reaches of eastern France, many choose Annemasse for its inexpensive hotel accommodations to sojourn for the day in Switzerland and Italy. A car rental in Annemasse allows you to take full advantage of being in the vicinity of three countries during your vacation. Auto Europe offers several pick-up locations in Annemasse with a large rental car fleet.

Rental Cars in Annemasse

Rent a Car in AnnemasseThere is never a dull moment in Annemasse! The activity of commerce has given rise to an abundance of great restaurants and spectacular shopping. The city attracts many from Switzerland for Annemasse's outdoor produce markets and French-made products. If the city limits can't contain you, head north to Lake Geneva to enjoy boating, swimming, and fishing, or drive to Mount Saleve for breathtaking views of the French and Swiss landscapes. Renting a car is the best way to tour Annemasse and provides more options to travel during your vacation. Visit our information page to learn more about driving in France.

What to do in Annemasse, France

Located just four kilometers east of Geneva, Annemasse offers an urban setting with regular streets, restaurants, and shops everywhere you look. You will find getting around in your rental car is a breeze when you visit this area and if you decide to take a day trip to Geneva, you can simply cross the border on Route Blanche. The borders are not controlled, so you will find taking your rental vehicle from one area to another is hassle-free.

Rent a Car in AnnemasseWhile visiting Annemasse, you will find the shopping options are vast. Everything from stores offering sports equipment and clothes to electronics and groceries is available in the town. If you want to spend some time shopping on Sunday, you can visit Guillard Marche, Casino or Gard or visit the farmers market to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables at the town center.

If you are visiting during the summer months, take a ride out to Orange Cinema where you can enjoy open-air movies on the lakeside. For people traveling with kids, driving in your rental car to Geneve-Plage will definitely be a crowd pleaser. Here you will find a swimming pool complex, with water slide, as well as a beautiful green lawn to have a picnic on. Baby Plage is home to a Tarzan-inspired tree park next to the lake, as well, giving you something to occupy your afternoons.

You can easily get from place to place in Annemasse via rental car and will find you get to see more of the area when you find the sights that are most appealing to you.


Road Trip From Annemasse to Explore More of France in a Rental Car

Driving Route

Distance (mi)

Distance (km)

Avg. Trip Time

Annemasse to Avignon in Rental Car  Annemasse to Avignon 234 MIs 377 KMs 3h 36 mins
Annemasse to Bordeaux in Rental Car  Annemasse to Bordeaux 436 MIs 702 KMs 6h 41 mins
Annemasse to Lyon in Rental Car  Annemasse to Lyon 94 MIs 152 KMs 1h 47 mins
Annemasse to Paris in Rental Car  Annemasse to Paris 337 MIs 543 KMs 4h 50 mins
Annemasse to Marseille in Rental Car  Annemasse to Marseille 288 MIs 463 KMs 4h 15 mins
Annemasse to Nice in Rental Car  Annemasse to Nice 328 MIs 528 KMs 5h 32 mins

Renting a Car in Annemasse with Auto Europe

Annemasse Rental CarsAuto Europe strives to meet customer satisfaction by providing unbeatable rates and service in the car rental industry. For more information about renting a car, please review our car rental FAQs or call Auto Europe's toll free number at 1-888-223-5555.

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