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European Road Trip Planner & Guides

Europe Road Trip Planner

Touring Europe by car is far and away the most fulfilling method to explore this amazing continent, and within Auto Europe's road trip planner section, we've highlighted some of our favorite drives in Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK. Each Road trip includes detailed guides of the region, including stand-out restaurants, hotel accommodations, and must-visit attractions. Whether you're looking for the most efficient route through France's Champagne region, or you are eager to discover hidden vistas on Italy's Amalfi Coast, we've prepared attraction-packed road trip itineraries to suit the needs of every traveler.

Browse the country selection listed below, and take a moment to read about the best road trips in Europe, before embarking on your driving vacation.

Best Road Trips in Europe by Country


Road Trips in Italy

Italy Road Trip Planner

Ready for a Road Trip in Italy? We invite you to check out our detailed Italy road trips, and consider embarking on a fantastic journey through Italy's most remarkable cities and countryside!


Road Trips in France


France Road Trip Planner

Discover France's most intriguing destinations with our helpful Europe road trip planners. Explore France with the whole family, or solo travel for the adventure of a lifetime.


Road Trips in Spain

Spain Road Trip Planner

Embark on a driving vacation in Europe, and traverse the iconic roadways of Spain as you enjoy worldly cultures and regional cuisines. See all the sites with our helpful guides.


Road Trips in Germany

Germany Road Trip Planner

Explore the rich history and scenic attractions spread throughout Germany with these epic road trip routes. Start planning your Germany road trip today!


Road Trips in Austria

Austria Road Trip Planner

Discover the picturesque roads and sweeping vistas of the Austrian Alps. You will find art, music, and stunning scenery in the heart of Europe.


Road Trips in Portugal

Portugal Road Trip Planner

Discover the landscapes of Portugal, from rolling hills to tropical metropolises with our exciting Portugal road trip guide. Forge new paths, and take vacation on your own terms.


Road Trips in UK

UK Road Trip Planner

From the palatial Scottish Highlands to the cobbled roads of London, these helpful guides will help you plan the ultimate road trip in the UK. Don't delay planning your UK vacation today!


Road Trips in Ireland

Ireland Road Trip Planner

Discover inspiring natural beauty and historic attractions in Ireland with these detailed road trip guides for the Emerald Isle, from Dublin day trips to the Wild Atlantic Way.


Road Trips in Switzerland

Switzerland Road Trip Planner

From snowy mountain peaks and quaint alpine villages to bustling cultural hubs, these detailed driving guides will help you plan the best road trip in Switzerland.


Road Trips in Netherlands

Netherlands Road Trip Planner

Explore the many serene landscapes and bustling cities in the Netherlands with our helpful road trip planners that include driving directions, point of interest maps and travel tips.


Road Trips in Scandinavia

Scandinavia Road Trip Planner

Discover the picturesque roads and sweeping Nordic vistas of Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland.