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    Car Rental Ajaccio, France

    Ajaccio is a cozy seaport city located on the western coast of Corsica overlooking a sweeping bay and surrounded by cascading mountains. Travelers from around the globe visit Ajaccio for its beauty and array of outdoor activities, from rock climbing to boating. It is notable for its small population, variety of seaside restaurants and cafes, and vibrant nightlife. The downtown also consists of various boutiques and shops selling French-made and Italian-made goods, and several local bars prove to be a constant source for providing fine wine and refreshing beer. Whether you prefer to enjoy the city limits or venture to the interior of the island, a rental car offers more opportunity for further discovery, and it is a convenient alternative to public transportation. Auto Europe offers an extensive rental car fleet for pick up at a location of your choice. Get the most out of your vacation with a rental car!

    Tour Ajaccio with a Rental Car

    Rent a Car in AjaccioSome of the most remarkable aspects of Ajaccio are its immediate access to a vast ocean and towering mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts will have plenty of opportunities to marvel at Corsica's dramatic landscape and discover a wide range of recreational activities to enjoy. Several beaches surrounding the city make for an enjoyable day of sunbathing and swimming, and the Corsica National Park boasts panoramic views for hikers and rock climbers. For those that prefer to be out on the ocean, regularly scheduled boat tours launch from Ajaccio and dock at several other port cities along the cost of the island. The city is also laden with numerous restaurants serving fresh seafood, exquisite cuisine, and delicious desserts prepared by chefs from around the world. Discover the city of Ajaccio and the surrounding region by car to get the most out of your vacation. Visit our driver information page to learn more about driving in France


    Road Trip From Ajaccio to Explore More of France in a Rental Car

    Driving Route

    Distance (mi)

    Distance (km)

    Avg. Trip Time

    Ajaccio to Avignon in Rental Car  Ajaccio to Avignon 283 MIs 455 KMs 10h 10 mins
    Ajaccio to Bordeaux in Rental Car  Ajaccio to Bordeaux 619 MIs 996 KMs 15h 5 mins
    Ajaccio to Lyon in Rental Car  Ajaccio to Lyon 412 MIs 664 KMs 12h 1 mins
    Ajaccio to Paris in Rental Car  Ajaccio to Paris 699 MIs 1,125 KMs 16h 3 mins
    Ajaccio to Marseille in Rental Car  Ajaccio to Marseille 218 MIs 351 KMs 9h 14 mins
    Ajaccio to Nice in Rental Car  Ajaccio to Nice 223 MIs 359 KMs 9h 2 mins

    Renting a Car in Ajaccio with Auto Europe

    Ajaccio Rental CarsWith our guaranteed low rates and dedicated reservation agents, Auto Europe is your number one source for rental cars around the world. To learn more, visit our car rental FAQs or call our toll free number at 1-888-223-5555.

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