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Car Rental Nuremberg, Germany

A car rental in Nuremberg is a great way to travel and see the city at your own leisure. Nuremberg is home to centuries of architecture and art and was considered to be the center of the German Renaissance, thus linking the Italian Renaissance and the German Gothic tradition. Auto Europe offers many car rental locations in Germany, including the Nuremberg Airport, and a exceptionally diverse array of vehicle categories making it easier then ever to find the right car to suit your needs. Use your car rental to explore all that Germany has to offer.


Road Trip From Nuremberg to Explore More of Germany in a Rental Car

Driving Route

Distance (mi)

Distance (km)

Avg. Trip Time

Nuremberg to Berlin in Rental Car  Nuremberg to Berlin 278.8 MIs 448.7 KMs 4h 45 mins
Nuremberg to Cologne in Rental Car  Nuremberg to Cologne 252.27 MIs 406 KMs 3h 52 mins
Nuremberg to Frankfurt in Rental Car  Nuremberg to Frankfurt 139.49 MIs 224.5 KMs 2h 23 mins
Nuremberg to Hamburg in Rental Car  Nuremberg to Hamburg 377.54 MIs 607.6 KMs 5h 56 mins
Nuremberg to Munich in Rental Car  Nuremberg to Munich 105.5 MIs 169.8 KMs 1h 42 mins
Nuremberg to Stuttgart in Rental Car  Nuremberg to Stuttgart 130.73 MIs 210.4 KMs 2h 6 mins

Explore with a Nuremberg Car Rental

Car Rental NurembergWith a car rental in Nuremberg you can travel freely about the city or venture throughout the rest of Germany and Western Europe at your leisure. Nuremberg is home to the largest museum of German art, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, also known as the Germanic National Museum. Here you will find a collection of German fine arts and craftsmanship from the Stone Age through the 20th century. The Hauptmarkt is another attraction to visit while in Nuremberg. The Hauptmarkt is open year round and is home to Germany's most famous Christmas Market, the Christkindlesmarkt. If you haven't driven in Germany, we recommend reading through our tips for driving rental cars in Germany.

Rent a Car in Nuremberg with Auto Europe

Nuremberg Car RentalRent a car in Nuremberg and make your travel plans in advance with Auto Europe. Auto Europe guarantees the best rates in the industry, so you never have to worry about finding a better deal! Auto Europe also offers 24-hour roadside assistance wherever your rental is located. If you have questions about the booking process be sure to visit the helpful frequently asked questions page online. Auto Europe staff is available over the telephone as well to answer questions or to book a rental. Call us toll free, at 1-888-223-5555.


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