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    5 Things To Do In Norway

    Drive to Discover the breathtaking scenery of Norway with this road trip from Oslo to Bergen which follows National Highway 7, recognized as one of the most popular and highly-traveled roadways in all of Norway; a dream route for visitors and locals alike! This stretch of road spans the width of the nation and many different micro-climates including alpine terrain, valleys, flatlands, fjords and coastline, and is best seen by those traveling either east from Bergen or west from Oslo. Hop into your rental car and get ready for an adventurous look at the wildlife and natural landscapes of this unrivaled stretch of true Nordic wilderness.

    Visitors can expect to travel from east to west along E18, E16 and Rv7 with a whole day of exploration awaiting them on the Hardangervidda National Tourist Route. While there are pullouts and different places to stop, precautions should be taken to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Bring a roadside emergency kit, maps, extra food and, of course, a camera to document the amazing scenery and wildlife you can capture as you go! In its entirety, this trip from Oslo to Bergen will take approximately 7 hours of drive time and includes 5 things to do in Norway to help you absorb as much of the nation's culture and natural surroundings as possible.

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    Driving Itinerary Distance Driving Time
    Oslo to Norderhov 33 miles 53 minutes
    Norderhov to Nesbyen 61 miles 1 hour 22 minutes
    Nesbyen to Dyranut 77 miles 1 hour 53 minutes
    Dyranut to Bergen 117 miles 2 hour 57minutes
    Total Distance Covered: 289 miles 7h 5m

    Read on to Drive to Discover 5 Things To Do In Norway


    1. Oslo

    Oslo, Norway Oslo, Norway
    Situated on the Oslofjord at the southern tip of Norway, you'll have access to a haven of cultural and artistic innovation, Viking and medieval history, warm hospitality and natural abundance. One of the most popular and fun places to visit in Oslo is the Bygdøy Peninsula on the west side. beaches, trails, and walkways. It is also home to the Kon-Tiki Museum, a memorial to the famous 1947 cross-Pacific expedition of Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. Other popular attractions on the peninsula include an open-air Folk Museum, which exhibits the history of the unique Norwegian folklore, and the Fram Museum, which documents the tale of Norwegian Polar explorers. Bygdøy is also home to a Viking Ship Museum and the Oskarshall castle.

    Visitors to Oslo should also drive down to the Bjørvika neighborhood, the site of the Oslo National Opera House, which is one of the most beautifully designed modern buildings in the world.


    Next stop: 52 minutes

    2. Norderhov Old-World Charms from the Middle Ages

    Norderhov, Norway Norderhov, Norway
    Founded in the earlier half of the 19th century, Norderhov a former municipality shares a great deal of its attractions and population with Hønefoss. Travelers will be fascinated by the storied Ringerikes Museum as well as the Norderhov Church, a charming medieval place of worship with an amazing past that dates back to the 12th Century. Although it has been restored many times since this pleasant copper-spired property offers a glimpse into the religious past of the nation.


    Next stop: 1 hour & 22 minutes

    3. Nesbyen

    Nesbyen, Norway Nesbyen, Norway
    Nesbyen, a gorgeous town nestled within the foothills that give rise to stunning plateaus further west. The open-air museum in town, known as Hallingdal, was first established at the very end of the 19th Century and showcases artifacts celebrating the various lifestyles of the people native to this region.

    We also recommend visiting Gardnos Crater  which is before Svenkerud where the road crosses over to the other side of the riverbank. This fascinating pit stop puts the prehistoric impact of a meteorite on display and is known for its vast 3 mile diameter. It is believed that this cosmic event occurred approximately 500 million years ago and is responsible for the unique characteristics of the region's rock formations and geology. We think it makes a great spot for a roadside picnic.


    Next stop: 1 hour & 53 minutes

    4. Hardangervidda National Park & Dyranut

    Hardangervidda National Park, Norway Hardangervidda National Park, Norway
    Next you’ll travel Norway’s National Tourist route, the Hardangervidda that makes its way over the plateaus and through the prized Hardangervidda National Park. This protected park is Norway's largest at 2,100 square miles and it includes many a wondrous scene which can be enjoyed during a day hike, mountain biking trip (great trails here) and fishing (though we feel it's also great to enjoy by car). The area features lookouts, lakes, rocky hills and forested surroundings that line the roads in many places making it a fantastic place to snap some one-of-a-kind photos sure to make family and friends back home jealous. The plateau itself opens up onto barren lands with mossy rock formations, lichens and miniature pools with moors and mountain flowers. Arctic animals such as fox, reindeer and more call this vast expanse home, and while you certainly cannot explore the whole of its majesty in a single day, there are more than enough stops to make along the route that are convenient, picture-worthy and definitely one-of-a-kind. Imagine taking a photo of you and your party in front of a vista like this one.

    The Hardanger Fjord portion of this ride has winding sections which offer travelers the chance to pass through historic tunnels carved out of the mountainside. Stop off in the midst of this magical trip to enjoy lunch in Dyranut at the Dyranut Fjell - an eatery which offers a delicious rustic buffet centered around the area's game. There's nothing quite like enjoying local cuisine to fully dive into the culture of the communities you're traveling through. Your day will finish off with a breathtaking journey to the notorious 147 foot Vøringsfossen waterfall.


    Next stop: 2 hours & 57 minutes

    5. Bergen and its Deep History and Intrigue

    Bergen, Norway Bergen, Norway
    Vast waterways sister the roadway, and mountain hillsides are rich with wildflowers and grasslands - a gift for those who have completed this tour. Once you arrive in the city of Bergen you can complete your trip with stops in the lovely little cafes that line the streets as well as some larger attractions. This coastal city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts striking views of the fjords and of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is almost 1000 years old and has a history unlike any other - walk its streets and you can't help but hear whispers of Vikings, kings and old-world trade.

    Explore the Best Things to Do in Norway with Auto Europe

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