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Minibus and Passenger Van Rental

Passenger Van RentalWhen it comes to transporting 8, 10, 12, or even 15 passengers comfortably, a minibus or passenger van rental is the way to go. Rather than coordinating multiple cars or dealing with the hassle of keeping track of everyone on public transportation, rent a passenger van and you'll be able to travel together in comfort and convenience!

8 and 9-Passenger Van Rentals

Smaller families might be better suited for a 7-passenger minivan rental, but when you've got a larger group you'll need something roomier. An 8 or 9 Passenger van rental will offer plenty of space for fellow travelers and luggage alike with an extended cab and extra row of seats. These vehicles, also know as "people-carriers", are a popular choice among large parties.

Popular 9-Passenger Van Models:

Fiat Ducato Passenger Van
Fiat Ducato
Mercedes Vito 9-Passenger Van
Mercedes Vito
Renault Traffic 9-Passenger Van
Renault Traffic

10, 12, and 15-Passenger Van Rentals

Also known as a "minibus", a 12-passenger van rental will come in handy for special events or transporting a large group of people when multiple drivers aren't an option. These 9, 12, and 15-passenger vehicles, a class that includes the popular Mercedes Sprinter van, are specially designed for maximum capacity so you can accomodate 10+ people.

Popular 12-Passenger Van Models:

Toyota Commuter 12-Passenger
Toyota Commuter
Chevy 12-Passenger Van
Chevy Express
Mercedes 12-Passenger Van Rental
Mercedes Sprinter

Why Choose a Passenger Van or Minibus Rental?

Rent a Passenger VanIf you're traveling with a group of 8 people or more, you can save big on transportation costs with an affordable passenger van rental. Why deal with crowded public transportation or renting multiple smaller cars when you can travel together with your entire party? A spacious van rental will make your journey all the more enjoyable while simplifying your itinerary.

In addition to passengers, a larger van rental can offer additional space for luggage. No more packing suitcases into tight spaces or trying to balance comfort with luggage capacity! You can have plenty of room for skis, shopping bags, golf clubs, or whatever else you may be bringing along with you on your trip. Any extra seats that aren't being used can always be folded down, so these vehicles can be useful even if you don't have the maximum capacity of fellow travelers.

Whatever you intend to do on your next trip, a passenger van rental will grant you peace of mind knowing that your riders are both safe and comfortable! 

Rent a Passenger Van with Auto Europe

When you rent a passenger van with Auto Europe, a wide selection with worldwide availability isn't all you'll be getting. We pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry as well as the guaranteed best rates. Simply browse your options with our secure booking engine and get a free quote today; you'll be surprised by how much you can save with Auto Europe! 

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