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    Madrid Travel Guide

    Popular Attractions in Madrid

    What to See When Traveling to Madrid, Spain

    No trip to Spain is complete without paying a visit to its capital city: Madrid. The inaugural bastion of Spanish cultural identity, Madrid is filled with desirable attractions and dynamic events which delight travelers visiting at any time of year. Whether you are still fantasizing about your dream European vacation, wondering what the best time to visit Spain might be, or your tour of Madrid is well underway and you're searching for fresh ideas, Auto Europe is prepared to help.

    We invite you to peruse our list of the top things to see and do in Madrid, Spain - famous landmarks and local hot-spots and road trips throughout central Spain and which are sure to delight.

    Things to Do in Madrid Spain Puerta Del Sol

    Puerta del Sol -  Widely considered to be the heart of Madrid, Puerta del Sol (Plaza of the Sun), is the most popular destination for those eager to experience Madrid's culture. Street vendors, food carts, and tour guides set up shop throughout the square, coming together to form a palpable symphony of frenetic energy and curiosity-driven wonderment. Centered in the plaza is an epic statue of King Charles III, a marvelous display of artisan craftsmanship which is dedicated to the late Charles III of Spain - one of the most progressive European monarchs in history.

    Things to Do in Madrid Spain Naval Museum

    Naval Museum- Spain is famous for its long-standing maritime history, most notably the sea faring exploits of Christopher Columbus during his attempted exploration of the then-unknown world. Despite Madrid's central landlocked locale, this city is the home of the Spanish Naval Museum - a museum dedicated to the proliferation of Spain's rich sailing history. Through a vast collection of artifacts and documents dating back to pre-colonial times, visitors can learn about the history of Spain. The museum also houses the Juan De La Cosa map, regarded as the oldest known map to show the American continent.

    Things to See in Madrid Spain Museo del Prado

    Museo del Prado - Bordered by tranquil bubbling fountains and tree-lined pedestrian walkways, the Museo del Prado is home to Madrid's best kept collection of classical artwork. Visitors will be treated to a vast number of iconic works by artists from all over the world. Some of the more famous pieces on display at the Museo del Prado include The Garden of Earthly Delight by Bosch, Las Meninas by Velázquez, and David with the Head of Goliath by Caravaggio, among others. The Museo del Prado is open to the public, free of charge, from 6pm – 8pm Monday through Saturday, and from 5pm – 7pm on Sundays. Put it on your list!

    Things to See in Madrid Spain Gran Via

    Gran Via - The Gran Via, translated in English as "Broadway," is one of Madrid's busiest boulevards. Known for its active nightlife scene, dining establishments and retail offerings it easily makes our list as one of the top things to do in Madrid. The Gran Via runs between two of Madrid's famous plazas, Plaza de España, and Plaza de Cibeles, with a host of inspiring attractions spanning the length of the boulevard, from shopping malls to cinemas.

    Things to Do in Madrid Spain Zoo Aquarium

    Zoo Aquarium Madrid - Traveling abroad with the kids? A day spent at the Zoo Aquarium Madrid may be the perfect way to relax, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of all the site-seeing you've been doing. The Zoo Aquarium Madrid is home to a myriad of exotic and local animals, ranging from pandas and lemurs to dolphins and rare birds. Visitors can walk the zoo, exploring the exhibits at their own pace, or engage in a variety of shows put on by the trainers, learning the many fascinating details of the animal kingdom. If you have kids the Zoo Aquarium in one of the most exciting things to do in Madrid.

    Things to Do in Madrid Spain El Retiro Park

    El Retiro Park - El Retiro is Madrid's largest, most prominent, city park. On most days, visitors to the park will be serenaded by the trance-inducing rhythms of drum circles, the catchy melodies of live bands, or the whistling songs of local birds. Centered within El Retiro Park is a large lake where row-boat rentals are available throughout the day. The park is also the location of multiple monuments dedicated to the victims of the terrorist bombings that took place in Madrid on March 11, 2004. One of these monuments, made completely of glass, called "Crystal Palace," reflects light to form a fantastic prismatic aura surrounding the structure.

    Touring Madrid Spain

    Things to Do in Madrid

    When touring a foreign city many times travelers fall into two categories: those who enjoy an organized approach to sightseeing and those who prefer spontaneity to structure. At Auto Europe we recommend a mixture of travel styles which should allow individuals to make the most of their time abroad. Plan to participate in guided tours, but try to choose some which leave room for curiousity-fueled exploration.

    There is much to gain in having a local, historically educated tour guide introduce you to part of a city, providing insight into the many cultural complexities of top attractions. This is especially true to those planning to tour Madrid, a city with an overwhelming number of "must-see" destinations. In an effort to help travelers craft the perfect vacation itinerary, Auto Europe has compiled a short list of our favorite guided tours in Madrid. We hope that providing some excellent ideas will enhance your trip and inspire you to see more while traveling in Spain.

    Madrid Rooftop Vistas - What better way to get your bearings of this massive metropolis than by surveying the city from above. On a Madrid Rooftop Tour, patrons will be guided to various rooftop vistas spread throughout the city, enjoying views of Madrid’s iconic skyline and numerous monuments, while basking in the awe, of this picturesque, urban landscape that blankets the horizon. Don’t forget to bring your camera, as this tour boasts a nearly limitless number of photo-taking opportunities, providing perfect material for all of your travel photo albums.

    A Night of Local Tapas - Sample some of the best local delicacies, while enjoying the dynamic energy and fun-filled happenings of Madrid's top-tier nightlife scene when you take this evening tapas tour. Discover the locals' best kept culinary secrets, and experience the relaxed Madrileno lifestyle, as you are led to some of the most exciting tucked-away spots, quenching your appetite with a variety of local cuisines, and washing it down with glass of Spanish wine. Exploring the city with a night of local tapas is one of the best ways to tour Madrid.

    Legends of Old Walking Tour - Discover the mystical stories, superstitions, and legends of Madrid, as you explore some of the city's most commonly overlooked destinations, from the shadowed ceremonies said to have taken place at the Church of San Jose, to the haunted halls of Casa de las Siete Chimeneas. The tour closes with a stop at a chocolatier shop for a late-night desert snack: the perfect way to warm back up after a night marked by bone-chilling mysteries and eerie tales.

    Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour in Madrid - A hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Madrid is an excellent way to discover new parts of the city while enjoying the freedom to linger at your favorite attractions in Madrid. A variety of ticket options are available and travelers are invited to disembark at any stop along the bus route to tour sites, shops and monuments. When you're finished exploring or ready to move on just hop on the next bus - your ticket covers you for the entire day!

    Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour - Like many European nations' capital cities, Madrid's soccer team is a well known athletic power-house. The team, Real Madrid CF, is one of the most popular and well respected soccer teams in the world. On a tour of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, patrons will enjoy unfettered access to the inner-workings of the stadium. Whether you are curious about the view from the presidential sky box or want to explore the storied locker room tunnels or step onto the hallowed grounds of the pitch - with a Santiago Bernabeau Stadium Tour you'll have VIP access to one of the top sports facilities in the world. 

    Weather in Madrid

    What to Expect from the Weather in Madrid, Spain

    Well known for its beautiful landscapes and temperate climate - essential elements in making the country a top European tourism destination - Nearly any time of year is the best time to visit Spain. Many of Spain's most visited locations are in its coastal regions, where the allure of white-sand beaches, tropical breezes, and fresh seafood cuisine is intoxicating. Madrid, though landlocked, shares most of these desirable qualities and enjoys the added advantage of reduced humidity due to its elevation. Madrid is located approximately 609 meters above sea level and the resulting dry heat coupled with mild temperate weather, makes a trip to Madrid a fantastic idea at any time of year.

    Summer Weather in Madrid - Like its destination counterpart, Barcelona, tourist traffic in Madrid is at its peak during the summer months. Summer precipitation is low with less than an inch of rainfall per month. Summer in Madrid provides long hours of daylight that illuminate the city's vibrant colors, blanketing the streets in near-perfect warmth. Travelers interested in visiting Spain during the summer should be aware of the steep price hikes that come along with busy tourism traffic, and should make all hotel, airfare, and car rental reservations well in advance.

    Average Temperature: 23 Degrees Celsius

    Fall Weather in Madrid - It's widely accepted as "travel fact," that visiting Europe during the fall months is far and away the best method for avoiding tourist traffic. Madrid follows suit, and there is a noticeable drop in visitors to the city, despite the all-around good weather. Fall temperatures in Madrid are similar to what you would encounter during the springtime, but you can expect to encounter a slight chill when visiting during the fall. One minor disadvantage to touring Madrid during the fall is the increase in rainfall. Travelers can anticipate rain for an average of one week during each month. 

    Average Temperature: 10-15 Degrees Celcius

    Winter Weather in Madrid - Traveling anywhere in Europe during the colder months can be hit or miss, but Madrid's winters are mild in comparison to many other major European destinations - a fact which makes it a fairly safe choice for a winter vacation. Despite the colder weather in Madrid, a number of public events take place downtown each winter and travelers visiting Madrid in winter will be rewarded: the city is fully equipped with colorful lights and festive holiday cheer.

    Average Temperature: 4 Degrees Celcius

    Spring Weather in Madrid - If you have any doubt about how well suited Madrid is for year-round travel, you need only look at its immaculate spring weather. Average monthly precipitation rarely goes above 5 centimeters. For those travelers who desire warmer weather but wish to avoid large crowds, a springtime vacation in Madrid may be the most ideal compromise. Tourism begins to pick up during the latter spring months, most notably May, but savvy travelers can score great deals on a trip to Madrid right before the travel costs start to soar.

    Average Temperature: 10-15 Degrees Celcius

    Anytime is a Good Time to Visit Madrid

    Madrid's mild climate makes it a wonderful and pleasant destination no matter when you decide to visit. Timing a trip to Madrid is primarily a matter of budget and what sorts of things you plan to do in Madrid. Each season in Spain offers specific travel advantages and disadvantages so if you're in the early stages of planning a trip to Spain we suggest reviewing our detailed Spain Travel Guide. Use our list of attractions in Madrid to craft a fun-filled itinerary, and prepare for the best vacation you've had in some time - whenever you decide to go!