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    Barcelona Travel Guide

    Popular Attractions in Barcelona

    What to See When Traveling to Barcelona, Spain

    Whether you are a few hours from touching down to kick off your tour of Barcelona by car or you're still in the initial planning stages, looking for the best time of year to visit Spain, chances are that you have at least a basic concept of what you plan to do and see while abroad. If you are still looking to fill out your travel plans, look no further, as we have compiled a list of the top, must-see destinations throughout the wonderfully diverse city of Barcelona.
    Things to Do in Barcelona Spain La Sagrada Familia

    La Sagrada Familia -  By far the most iconic structure in all of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia's intricate spires pierce the city skyline, displaying Spain's cultural identity with unmistakable definition. The basilica Sagrada Familia is the magnum opus of the famed Spanish designer, modernism pioneer, and architectural innovator, Antoni Gaudi. The basilica features some of the most intricate architectural design themes to ever grace this earth, inspired by the natural formations of a tropical forest, coupled with the more familiar gothic architecture. The exterior, like the interior, is so detailed that it can be gazed upon for hours without feeling redundant. 

    Things to Do in Barcelona Spain Parc Guell

    Parc Guëll- Another masterpiece from Antoni Gaudi, Parc Guëll is one of the most emblematic destinations in Barcelona. The park overlooks much of the city, providing unmatched views of the wild colored, and skyscraper silhouetted skyline. The park houses the famous Salamander sculpture, as well as a host of houses and buildings designed by Gaudi. Parc Guëll is one of the most photographed locations in Barcelona, and it makes sense, the beautiful combination of iconic architecture, stunning vistas, and historic impact, make it a must-see destination.

    Things to Do in Barcelona Spain Font Magica

    Font Màgica - Located at one end of the Palau National, Barcelona's iconic promenade, the Font Màgica, (Magic Fountain in English) was originally constructed in 1929 for the International Exposition, and is still as awe-inspiring as it was on day one. On selected nights, the fountain is illuminated by a spectacular display of colored lights, displayed through unique water patterns, and set to music. Visitors gather around the Magic Fountain, en masse, to see the exciting firework-esque display of, water, lights, and sound.

    Things to Do in Barcelona Spain Museu Picasso

    Museu Picasso - Fans of modern art rejoice, as Barcelona's Museu Picasso has over 4,000 works of art by the famed pioneer of Cubism, Pablo Picasso. The museum makes a point to accurately display the influence the city of Barcelona had on Picasso, and how it shaped his immensely complex, and long-developing body of work. Located throughout 5 adjoined medieval palaces, the Museu Picasso is the ultimate shrine to Picasso's legacy as one of the most influential modern artists to have ever lived. The Museu Picasso is one of the most cherished museums in all of Spain.

    Things to See in Barcelona Spain Camp Nou

    Camp Nou - Spain has asserted its soccer prowess at an international level for many years. Arguably the most iconic soccer team of all time, Barcelona FC (known locally as Barca), plays their home games at the Barcelona stadium known as Camp Nou. The stadium is epic to say the least. With a seating capacity of nearly 100,000 people, Camp Nou claims the throne as the largest stadium in Europe. The Barcelona FC roster is stacked with the world's top player talent, and games are typically fully attended. Lucky travelers who happen to score a ticket to a game will not be disappointed - the sheer frenetic energy of the stadium is enchanting and couple that with the most graceful display of soccer you have ever are in for a treat.

    Things to See in Barcelona Spain Casa Batllo

    Casa Batlló - This magical Spanish city is littered with the architectural masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi and many are considered the best things to see in Barcelona. Like the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Guëll, the Casa Batlló is a one-of-a-kind structure which must be seen to be believed. Twisting stone curves reminiscent of tree branches and mushroom-inspired balconies crawl up the building like wild ivy, each component coming together to create a structure that looks like it belongs in a fairy-tale. Architectural design has never been so engaging and inspiring as it is here.

    Touring Barcelona Spain

    Things to Do in Barcelona

    When traveling abroad in a foreign place, it's always good to experience a mix of care-free spontaneity, and structured touring. Auto Europe recommends this as a way to break up the repetition of either and to add a dose of diversity to your daily itinerary. If you are the type who desires an insider's view while touring Barcelona and hope to get up-close-and-personal with the city's many exciting attractions, we recommend that you include one (or more) of the guided tour options we've assembled below as part of your upcoming trip to Spain.

    Barcelona Bike Tour -  What better way to catch up on some exercise than to glide through the streets of Barcelona on a bicycle, blanketed in the tropical tranquility of warm sunlight and ocean breeze? Pedal past all of Barcelona's attractions, pausing along your route to take photos and learn the unique histories that make each destination so famous. As the tour comes to a close, patrons will enjoy food and drinks at a beachside bar overlooking the golden sand and crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Segway to Barcelona - Discover the magic of rotating gyroscopes as you are whisked through Barcelona's energetic cityscape, at the helm of what's arguably the future of transportation: a Segway. Rest your legs, and hit the streets on a relaxed, expertly guided Segway tour, stopping along the route at numerous must-see destinations including renowned local restaurants serving local cuisine. Groups are usually small and travelers can expect to tour Barcelona's attractions in a friendly group with the feeling of a private tour without the hefty price-tag.

    Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour - Easily the most convenient method for visiting the top sites and attractions in Barcelona, the hop-on, hop-off bus tour affords travelers the freedom to spend as much time as they like at their favorite destinations and to skip those which are of less interest. A fleet of red double-decker buses stops frequently along designated routes through Barcelona, and a single day-pass gives patrons the option to change routes and riding these special buses anywhere they please throughout the city.

    The Taste of Tapas Tour - Available as a private or group tour, travelers eager to enjoy the many cultural delicacies and culinary offerings in Barcelona can take a walking tour to some of the city's most popular restaurants, wine-bars, and tapas cafes. This tour guides patrons through a journey of cultural understanding and exploration which uses delicious Spanish cuisine as its medium. For those who desire a taste of fine wines, look no further: this tour includes a sampling of some of Spain's most impressive wines in various vintages.

    Discover the Montserrat Mountain - For the outdoorsy types eager to explore the ancient lands surrounding Barcelona, a tour of Montserrat Mountain may be the perfect way to fulfill the ultimate vacation itinerary. Montserrat translates to "saw mountain," a fitting name for the serrated ridges that line the summit of this imposing mountain. On this tour, you will visit the Royal Basilica of Montserrat, explore the Romanesque carving of the Virgen Moreneta, and travelers will be able to taste a variety of locally produced liquors native to the region. With a healthy mix of hiking and relaxing, a tour of Montserrat Mountain is an excellent way to explore the majestic Spanish landscapes.

    Weather in Barcelona

    What to Expect from the Weather in Barcelona, Spain

    While planning a trip it's important to know what to expect for local weather in your destination and the weather in Barcelona, Spain makes it an excellent place to visit year-round. Below freezing temperatures are non-existent in Barcelona and the city's idyllic coastal locale on the storied shores of the Mediterranean provides travelers with a desirable, sub-tropical climate which persists throughout the seasons. When it comes to thisbalmy region, almost any time is the best time to visit Spain!

    Travelers looking for a combination of tropical beach-town charm and refined European sensibilities ought to plan a trip to Barcelona - its diverse culture and seemingly endless sunshine make it as close to a perfect destination as one could hope for.

    Summer Weather in Barcelona -  Summer in Barcelona is far and away the busiest season for tourism, but there's a good reason for this. Barcelona's temperate coastal climate is at its best during the months of June, July and August. Excessive heat is rendered comfortable by the cool ocean breeze that wafts though the city each day. If you plan on visiting Barcelona during the summer, expect to book airfare, hotel, and car rental reservations far in advance to avoid the increased rates which reflect high demand.

    Average Temperature: 80 Degrees F

    Fall Weather in Barcelona - In general, vacationing in Europe is best undertaken during the fall. Tourism is slow, travel prices are at an annual low, and the weather is similar to that of late summer. Barcelona is no exception; in fact, this city serves as a prime example of why traveling in the fall is a savvy choice. Rainfall is scarce, providing a nearly identical climate to what travelers would encounter during the spring. The biggest benefit to visiting Barcelona during the autumn is the lack of tourist traffic, affording savvy travelers easy access to the hottest city destinations.

    Average Temperature: 65-75 Degrees F

    Winter Weather in Barcelona - Traveling anywhere during the winter months can be a risky endeavor, especially in the majority of Europe where snowfall is commonplace. Fortunately, Barcelona's mild Mediterranean climate lends itself well to winter travel. Temperatures are moderate while rain and snow are rarely encountered. Barcelona's tendency to be shadowed in overcast weather is probably the only drawback to visiting during the winter but, even then, a fair number of days in the winter are marked by sunshine. Tourism is fairly low during the winter, as Barcelona's iconic beaches are less alluring without the summer heat, but for those willing to forgo the beach and head inland, the rest of the city opens up. 

    Average Temperature: 55 Degrees F

    Spring Weather in Barcelona - Spring in Barcelona, much like the summer, is favorably warm. Even though springtime sees the highest annual rainfall of any season in Barcelona, on average the city only receives 5 days of rainfall during the months of March, April, and May. Tourist traffic usually begins to pick up in the spring, but it is one of the most cost-effective times of the year to book your trip to Spain. The combination of warm weather and moderate prices make a spring visit to Barcelona a win-win.

    Average Temperature: 65-75 Degrees F

    Visit Barcelona Year Round

    While one could argue that we have some bias as a travel company, the fact of the matter is that there's no bad time of year to visit Barcelona. Weather should be of little concern when planning your trip to this fine Spanish city - make your choice based upon your preferred activities in Barcelona and whether you hope to save money by avoiding the summer crowds. 

    The weather in Barcelona, Spain is welcoming throughout the year and the high number of sun-soaked days make touring Barcelona's attractions easy. Auto Europe recommends deciding which Barcelona events you hope to attend, and pack gear which will allow you to enjoy the great weather in Barcelona.