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    Cologne Travel Guide

    Popular Attractions Cologne | Touring Cologne | Weather in Cologne

    Popular Attractions in Cologne

    What to See When Traveling to Cologne, Germany
    With such a wealth of unforgettable destinations to explore when traveling in Cologne, deciding where to spend you time can become overwhelming. Planning the perfect vacation itinerary comes down to prioritizing which attractions you want to visit, making the most of the limited time you have abroad. Still trying to round out your travel schedule with some site-seeing? Then you're in luck! Here at Auto Europe our travel industry expertise lends itself well to recommending tourist destinations, and below you will find our comprehensive list of Cologne's must-see locations to help prepare for your next vacation in Germany.

    Things to Do in Cologne Germany Kolner Dom

    Kölner Dom -  Cologne's Kölner Dom, translated as Cologne Cathedral, is Germany's most visited landmark, hosting an average of 20,000 visitors each day. Kölner Dom acts as the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne, and is a revered monument of German Catholicism, treasured not only for its deep-rooted historic context, but also for its epic display of gothic architecture. The cathedral itself is surrounded by verdant gardens, and sprawling manicured lawns, the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, while basking in the glow of Germany's most beloved national icon.

    Things to Do in Cologne Germany Rheinauhafen

    Rheinauhafen- One of the most recognized districts in Cologne, the newly renovated Rheinahafen waterfront complex, is home to a host of restaurants, hotels, and retail offerings, all nestled against the bank of the Rhine River, minutes from downtown. Unique modern architecture defines the Rheinahafen, proudly displayed through a series of buildings, called the crane towers, which rise 60 meters to a sharp right angle, dangling over the water.

    Things to Do in Cologne Germany Grungurtel Parks

    Grüngürtel Parks - Cologne is characterized by its abundant swaths of grassy parkland that encircle much of the city, providing tourists and locals alike with a variety of beautiful, and relaxing locales to host a picnic, go on a nature walk, or any number of outdoor activities. Spend an afternoon unwinding from a busy day of exploring Cologne's many attractions as you bask in the sun, breathing in the fresh air at any one of the city's ubiquitous parks.

    Things to See in Cologne Germany St. Martin Church

    St. Martin Church - Along with the Kölner Dom, St. Martin Church in Cologne, Germany, is a standout landmark of the city's skyline. Built on what was originally a Rhine River island, St. Martin's has been destroyed and rebuilt throughout history, taking on many design influences and variations each time. Since the 1970's the church has been restored to its former glory, and now hosts thousands of visitors a day, eager to discover the one-of-a-kind architecture, and tower overlooking the city.

    Things to See in Cologne Germany Museum Ludwig

    Museum Ludwig - Museum Ludwig, located in the heart of Cologne's downtown, is a modern art museum that boasts one of the largest collections of Picasso's work in the world. The museum's focus is primarily on Surrealism, Pop Art, and Abstract Art, including works from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Travelers of all backgrounds can find something of interest at the Museum Ludwig, as its epic collection of rare and influential works spans multiple generations of modernism, sure to engage even the most skeptic visitors.

    Things to See in Cologne Germany St. Kunibert Church

    St. Kunibert Church - Travelers interested in stained glass art should definitely make it a point to check out Cologne's St. Kunibert Church, as its sprawling upper choir windows are pristine examples of medieval era stained glass work, radiating rich color as the sun reflects through in the morning and afternoon. Like many historic monuments in Cologne, St. Kunibert Church has undergone significant revitalization in recent years to restore it to its original form.

    Touring Cologne Germany

    Things to Do in Cologne

    Eager to experience Cologne through the lens of the locals, being guided through all the must see attractions, while learning of the cities cultural identity? A guided tour may be just the event to help you discover Cologne to the fullest. Take a break from coordinating your curiosity driven, self-guided exploration of the city, and let the tour experts do the leg work for you, as you try local cuisine, site-see from atop a river cruise, and learn of Germany's rich history. Below you will find a comprehensive guide to all the must-see attractions and tours in Cologne, Germany.

    Cologne Rhine River Cruise -  As mentioned in our guide to driving in Cologne, the city is split down the middle by the Rhine River, making this massive waterway an excellent route to discover all of Cologne's storied historic monuments. On a Rhine River Cruise, patrons will embark on a 3 hour boat trip, navigating the curves of the river as it snakes through Cologne, passing all the biggest attractions. Dinner will be served, buffet style, offering local culinary specialties, and a variety of wine and beer. Lean back, relax, and listen to the soothing sounds of the onboard DJ's ambient music, all while sipping craft beer, and basking in the surrounding sites!

    Kolsch Beer Tasting - Germany is world renowned for its love of all things beer, with each region crafting unique specialty brews. In Cologne, they make Kolsch Beer, a special variety known for its straw-yellow hue, mild hoppiness, and mid-range alcohol content. Travelers with a discerning taste for beer shouldn't miss out on a Kolsch Beer Tasting Tour, where a local beer expert leads small groups to a number of popular breweries, tasting all the subtle notes and bold flavors encompassed in Cologne's regional specialty brew.

    Cologne Bus Tour - As offered in many major cities spread throughout the world, a hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Cologne is an excellent way to explore the city, and learn of its history. Ride atop an open-air, double decker bus, as it chauffeurs you from destination to destination, allowing you to get on or off at your own pace, to delve deeper into any attractions of interest. A bus tour of Cologne is the perfect way to rest your travel weary legs, soak up the sun, and see all that the city has to offer.

    Walk Around Old Town - Desire a more physically active approach to guided tours? Then a guided walking tour of Cologne's historic Old Town is for you. Travelers who embark on a Old Town walking tour will be led to nearly all of Cologne's biggest attractions, from the Kolner Dom, to the Ludwig Museum, all while a skilled tour guide explains the ins and outs of each monument, its history, and cultural relevance.

    Christmas Markets Tour - The German's celebrate Christmas like no other country; the sheer volume of festivities is something to see. In Cologne specifically, a multitude of Christmas Markets stake their claim in town squares and parks, all providing local fare, novelty gifts, and holiday charm. Run the entire Christmas Market gambit, when you reserve a spot on a Christmas Markets Tour, where a local guide leads you to all the most jovial and exciting markets spread throughout the city. Bathe in the aromas of fresh holiday deserts, craft beer, and rich local cuisine at any and all of these fabulous Christmas Markets.

    Weather in Cologne

    What to Expect from the Weather in Cologne, Germany

    Cologne's climate presents an interesting set of challenges for determining the best time to go to Germany, as it is one of the warmest cities in the country, but also one of the gloomiest, with an average of only 60 sunny days a year. Fortunately, most of the top attractions in Cologne aren't weather dependent, and can be experienced at maximum potential regardless of what part of the year you decide to visit.

    In an effort to aid travelers in planning the ultimate vacation in Cologne, we have provided a detailed guide to the cities seasonal climate conditions, and weather patterns, all of which can be found below.

    Summer Weather in Cologne -  As expected, the summer in Cologne is the warmest and least gloomy time of year to visit, with roughly 180 hours of sunshine per month. The calling of sunshine draws the largest increase of tourist traffic to Cologne each year, as travelers converge on the city, eager to bathe in the natural beauty of numerous parks and outdoor spaces. Prices on hotel, airfare, and car reservations tend to increase during the months of June, July, and August, though by booking with Auto Europe, you are guaranteed to receive the best rates industry wide.

    Average Temperature: 70 Degrees F

    Fall Weather in Cologne - During the autumn months, Cologne begins to bristle with frenetic energy, as the city gears up for its annual street carnival, with festivities kicking off on November 11th, and concluding on Ash Wednesday. Despite the colder weather, the excitement and energy of the approaching carnival is palpable. Even the shorter daylight hours, averaging only 63 per month, can't bring the Cologne's spirit down, as after dark, the city blocks are illuminated with decorative lights of all colors. Travel costs in Cologne are generally favorable during the Fall while tourist traffic nears its seasonal low. Taking a vacation to Cologne in the fall is an excellent plan; the city is vibrant, attractions are abundant, and prices are cheap.

    Average Temperature: 40-50 Degrees F

    Winter Weather in Cologne - Surprisingly enough, Cologne is busy during the winter months, not even the increasingly cold weather and gloomy skies can keep visitors and locals alike from joining in the many festivities throughout the city. Light snowfall is fairly common, providing a patina of holiday spirit to the cities unique architecture. Once again, travel costs are low and finding quality lodging, airfare and rental cars is exceedingly easy, especially when you rely on Auto Europe for all your travel needs.

    Average Temperature: 30 Degrees F

    Spring Weather in Cologne - A springtime vacation in Cologne comes as a smart alternative to summer travel, the weather is generally favorable, and tourist traffic is still mild. Sunshine hours in the Spring average around 145 per month. Prices on hotel bookings, airfare, and car rentals are usually much lower in the spring compared to the summer months. For those travelers eager to save some extra money, and still bask in the warm weather, soaking up some sunlight, aught to visit Cologne during the spring.

    Average Temperature: 50 Degrees F

    Visit Cologne Year Round

    Despite the fact that Cologne is often marked by inclement weather and overcast skies, this bustling German metropolis has something unique to offer visitors in every season. Whether you wish you partake in holiday festivities, or lounge in the sun on the banks of the Rhine River, Cologne's dynamic energy and culture provides the perfect backdrop to any vacation in Germany. Get your travel itinerary in order, plan your schedule around destinations and events that interest you, and hit the road, your trip to Cologne awaits!