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    Top Travel Destinations for 2020

    Musing about your next vacation, but trying to decide on a host city that offers sightseeing opportunities that lean more towards the abstract? The world is filled with trendy design destinations that will keep you visually stimulated throughout the duration of your trip. From the milky blue fjords of Norway to the dreamlike buildings of Barcelona, here are our 5 favorite locales known for their whimsical aesthetic beauty.

    Bilbao, Spain

    Symbolizing more than just an art gallery, The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao created a movement, often referred to as the Bilbao Effect. Instantly saluted as one of the most important structures of its time, the overwhelming success of the museum proved that sometimes all a struggling city needs is an imaginatively designed gallery to turn its luck around. Since the Guggenheim opened in 1997, numerous other cities around the world, once void of historic cultural centers, have looked to Bilbao as a model for what vision can create. Plans for intricately designed museums are already underway in Perth, Australia; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Mecca, Saudi Arabia; and Kiev, Ukraine, and organizers are hopeful that these new cultural hubs will create renewed interest in their cities.

    The Guggenheim in Bilbao

    Cancun, Mexico

    Armed with a background in graffiti art and a passion for scuba diving, artist Jason deCaires Taylor took to the waters off the coast of Cancun to create an eerie, yet awe-inspiring artificial reef of 400+ statues he calls Silent Evolution. This compelling project took several months to complete, and is meant to embody a spirit that shifts between sadness and awe, while serving as a constant reminder of the intricate relationship between man and nature. The sculptures were created with a pH-neutral concrete that was reinforced with fiberglass,a combination that actually attracts marine life, offering a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to exploring natural reefs, ultimately giving them the opportunity to regenerate.

    With 2019 coming to an end, you are likely reflecting on where you have been and what adventures lie ahead for 2020. While it may be tempting to head back to some of your old favorite travel destinations such as New York, Paris, London, etc., chances are it would be much more exciting to find someplace new to travel during 2020. Perhaps a location that is off of the beaten path, a city that is completely underrated or an experience that only the most adventurous people will ever mark off of their bucket list. For those who are ready for a new adventure, consider these top travel destinations for 2020.

    What to Consider with this List of Top Travel Destinations for 2020

    When you begin to consider the exciting locations on this list, be sure that you are fully prepared for your time in the area. This means booking your accommodations early and ensuring that you have a reliable and quality vehicle to travel in. Why not enjoy your adventure in style with a cute sports car or luxurious SUV equipped with the latest technology and equipment?

    Auto Europe can help you prepare, but first we'll inspire you. Scroll down for gorgeous photos of these top 2020 travel destinations!

    Best Destinations to Visit in 2020: 
    Top Pick – Herzegovina and Bosnia

    Yes, this is in Herzegovina.. I know, who would have thought?

    When you are searching for some of the best cities to visit in 2020, one destination that should definitely make your list is Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is one of the most picturesque countries in the entire world and - lucky you - it is also far from the beaten path. Not only will you encounter breathtaking scenery and natural beauty during your trip, you will also be able to visit this location on a budget. While the tourism industry is picking up here, this is still not one of the most popular destinations, which is why you should visit now, before everyone else catches on.

    Exciting 2020 Travel Destination: 

    car rental dublin ireland

    This is the land of torrential rains and green pastures. Ireland definitely lives up to this cliché and in the very best possible way. However, what is still a surprise for most people who visit this country, is the exquisite natural beauty that awaits you at every turn. In addition to being inhabited with some of the friendliest people on the planet, Ireland ranks at the top of our list as one of the most enjoyable countries to visit. Need an extra reasy to visit? Rental car rates tend to be extremely low here - you'll be surprised by how affordable renting a car in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland can be.

    Step Outside The Box in 2020: 
    Patagonia, Chile

    car rental south america

    Have you ever wondered what you will discover at the end of the world? When you hike the W trek that is found in Patagonia, you will find that you have achieved one of the biggest trophies for your travel accomplishments! It is a good idea to try and visit Chile during the off-season, since you will likely not want to follow the loads of tourists that tend to arrive during certain times of the year. If you love the great outdoors and natural beauty, a trip to Patagonia deserves a spot in your 2020 travel plans.

    Something New: 
    Travel to Belgrade, Serbia in 2020

    car rental serbia

    Are you somewhat surprised to find the capital of Serbia on this list? You shouldn't be. Belgrade is one of the most underrated cities in all of Europe, especially during the summer months. While tourism as a whole is still somewhat minimal in Serbia, there are endless things for you to discover in this fantastic city. If you are ready to get off of the beaten path and take an exciting, non-traditional trip to Europe, then a trip to Belgrade, Serbia is the perfect escape.

    A Devilish 2020 Vacation Spot: 
    Tasmania, Australia

    travel to tasmania

    According to locals, this hot 2020 travel destination is simply known as Tassie, but to savvy travelers, Tasmania may be known as heaven-on-earth: it offers adventure, natural beauty and fun. The fact is that Tasmania is listed as a top location to visit during 2020 is no surprise to those in the know. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world, locals are super-friendly, untouched wilderness abounds, and hikers will discover some of the very best trails in the world during their visit. Enjoy endless fresh produce and much, much more - if you can visit just one of these exciting destinations in 2020 then consider making it Tassie.

    Help Make 2020 Another Great Year For Travel!

    Fortune favors the bold and as you can see from the list above, unique travel destinations worth discovering await you at every corner of the earth. When it comes to the top travel destinations for 2020 you cannot go wrong when you select one of the cities and nations listed above. There is no question that 2020 can be a year full of new adventures and opportunity for everyone. Take some time to consider where you would like to visit and then start planning your trip early so you have it to look forward to all year!

    worldwide car rental best ratesJust be sure that you don’t forget to rent a reliable vehicle for your vacation - a car rental from Auto Europe allows you to see and do more and make the most of your 2020 vacation.

    Get a head start on planning your 2020 vacation by calling Auto Europe today toll-free at 1-888-223-5555, and let one of our friendly reservations agents help you land the best deal on hotels, airfare, and rental cars in 2020. In a hurry to hit the road for the new year? rental bookings can be completed online in only a few clicks! It's fast, easy, and you know you're getting the best price industry-wide. Car Rental Mexico


    Harboring some of the most breathtaking natural wonders on Earth, Norway is a country not to be missed. The unscathed natural beauty of the fjords, lush mountain landscapes and colorful palate of the Northern Lights all served as inspiration for a series of look-out points designed by the Norwegian government. Created to encourage visitors and locals alike to enjoy the country’s natural beauty, these stopping points were designed by a handful of the country’s most accomplished architects, and do an incredible job of subtly playing up the drama of their surroundings.  Nearly $400 million dollars was invested in the 120 outlooks, which are outfitted with accessible walkways and restrooms, each of the revamped areas embody the basic Scandinavian formula: nature first, architecture second.


    Barcelona, Spain

    We wouldn’t argue with you if you tried to tell us Barcelona as a whole was the leader of the pack when it comes to mind-bendingly beautiful architectural design, because quite frankly, we agree. The city’s Park Güell is a one-hundred-year-old masterpiece, created by the city’s master architect Antoni Gaudí. When you walk up to Park Güell, you are met with guard houses that look more like gingerbread houses, leading to the park’s long and winding bench, snaking around the building in the shape of a sea serpent. Greatly influenced by forms of nature, visitors can see other iconic traits of Gaudí’s work reflected in the use of curved stones, twisted iron sculptures, colorful mosaics and organic-like forms in locations throughout Barcelona. One of Gaudí’s most celebrated designs is La Sagrada Familia Basilica, which is also Spain’s most visited attraction, and has been under construction since 1882.

    Rent a Car in Barcelona

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    If you’re a frequent reader of our posts, you know we also love Reykjavik, and will never quite understand why some travelers still consider it to be merely a “flyover” city. When it comes to design, Iceland is the perfect mix of both natural and man-made splendors, creating a unique array of sightseeing opportunities to behold. The country’s most significant claim to fame is probably its picturesque geothermal baths, called the Blue Lagoon. This natural wonder also doubles as a spa, and has been harnessed by human ingenuity to also provide electrical power for the region surrounding Reykjavik. In contrast to other design destinations in Europe, Iceland is home to a wealth of innovative modernist churches, an interesting shift from the Gothic and Renaissance styles that dominate many other European cities.

    Blue Lagoon

    Explore More Exciting Design Destinations with Auto Europe

    Wherever your journey takes you in search of the world’s best design destinations, Auto Europe is here to help you plan every facet of your trip. As a broker,  we work tirelessly with the most reputable car rental suppliers in order to help you arrange a car rental that will compliment your travel plans at the guaranteed best rate. Whether you’re looking to book a luxury rental, arrange a chauffeur for the week, or anything in between, we are able to assist you. Reservations for rental cars in Europe can be made online by utilizing our three-step booking engine, or if you would prefer to speak with one of our travel experts directly, call us at a time that is convenient for you, toll-free at 1-888-223-5555.

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