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    The 5 essential destinations you must visit in Ontario

    The province of Ontario is one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations in Canada. It is a territory full of fascinating ecosystems, inhospitable and unspoiled areas, and landscapes of dazzling beauty and dimension. Ontario has the virtue of offering at the same time the cosmopolitan and urban atmosphere of one of the main cities in the world, Toronto. The almost mystical and pure silence of lands that seem newly discovered, like Manitoulin. The legendary rumble of one of the universal tourist icons: Niagara Falls. Ontario is one of the usual bets among tourists from Latin America who travel to Canada. The fact that there are currently some 400,000 Latinos registered in this province is also a good claim and part of explaining the growing interest that Ontario awakens beyond its southern border. It is increasingly the preferred option for thousands of travelers, especially from Mexico, who seek the diversity of its landscapes, environments, atmospheres, and ecosystems. This is a list of suggestions for you, who live in Canada, but also for family and friends who are coming to visit you soon.

    You need to go to the famous Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls is the most famous tourist destination in Canada and one of North America's most popular. Natural space also acts as a border between Canada and the United States, loaded with iconographic value thanks to immortal films such as Superman or Niagara, with Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten. Crowded with tourists in summer (it is estimated that the Canadian part receives 20 million tourists annually), and perhaps excessively commercialized, those of Niagara do not stand out especially for their height - they are among the 500 highest in the world - but for the power of its fall, which generates spectacular curtains of water and a roar from which it is impossible to escape during the visit. There is no other place in North America that surpasses these falls in a volume of water, which pour the equivalent of more than a million bathtubs of water every second. It is easy to understand why Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse chose this place to build the first hydroelectric power plant in 1895, which officially marked the beginning of the world's electrification. Near the falls is Niagara's beautiful town on the Lake and the entire region of vineyards and wineries, the most productive in Canada.

    Enjoy the moment in Manitoulin

    Manitoulin is a quiet and peaceful place of beaches and summer houses (the famous cottages). But above all, it stands out for being the largest freshwater island in the world, located in the middle of Lake Huron. Traveling to Manitoulin is to immerse yourself in an infinite tongue twister of place names of Indian origin that allow us to observe with another historical perspective the remote past of these beautiful and huge lands. Names of mythological resonances such as Mindemoya, Sheguiandah, or Wikwemikong occur in our wanderings and explain part of the origin of Canada. The ‘haweaters‘ (born in Manitoulin) are indigenous to the place and are used to outsiders' difficulties in pronouncing their devilish place names. The earth formed by white quartzite and the granite outcrops that line the coast give it a gleaming and unique, almost magical appearance. Amerindian culture is present throughout the territory as its main hallmark: the eight communities on the island have maintained their ties to maintain local cuisine (wild rice and corn soup) and outdoor adventure sports (canoeing, horseback riding, hiking). The ‘pow-wows’ definitively close the remote past's evocations with drums, dances, and oral narratives.

    Visit the beautiful Toronto and the CN Tower

    The CN Tower is the quintessential icon of Toronto and probably one of the best known in Canada. The immense spire dominates the beautiful Toronto skyline with its 553 meters of altitude. Despite the frantic growth of downtown, none of the new skyscrapers has managed to extract an iota of prominence. It is the tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere, and visitors can climb to its top in a glass elevator not suitable for people with vertigo. Upstairs the luxurious revolving restaurant offers the best views of Toronto. Without a doubt, it is the great tourist attraction of the city with more than 2 million visits per year.

    It is not surprising that around this structure - the tallest in the world not supported by cables - the main pole of tourist attraction in the city has been consolidated with the axis formed by the Rogers Center - Home of the Blue Jays baseball ¨-, right at the base of the tower, the recently created Ripley Aquarium, the Air Canada Center to the East, the stadium where the Toronto Raptors of the NBA and the Maple Leafs of the NHL ice hockey play, and at the end the Hockey Hall of Fame, the most important ice hockey museum in the world. Because it must be said that Toronto is an eminently sports city, with teams in almost all the world's elite competitions. Toronto is also the most multicultural city globally. It jumps at first glance with the presence of neighborhoods with a marked personality such as Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Korea, Greektown, or Little India, and the proliferation of restaurants that offer gastronomy from all over the world. Also from Latin America.

    The immense Lake Ontario (one of the five great lakes in North America and Erie, Huron, Superior, and Michigan) is the other element that makes this city unique and gives it a coastal aspect with its beautiful bay and marina. Toronto can also boast a long list of museums and art galleries, including in their own right the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), and the Ontario Science Center, one of the most prestigious in the world. A world in its specialty, ideal for visits with children.

    Stay in Ottawa

    Ottawa is one of Canada's must-see destinations wrapped in natural splendor and filled with a laid-back urban atmosphere. The country's political and administrative capital represents better than anyone else the bilingual essence of Canada and the melting pot of cultures and influences on which it has been built. About to turn 150 years old (it will do so on July 1), it is a good time to visit Canada and learn through the many events that will celebrate a part of its origin and its history. In Ottawa are the country's main administrative buildings; Parliament with its slender central tower and large leisure esplanade; and the famous Rideau Canal, Ontario's only monument on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In winter, and thanks to the low temperatures, it becomes the largest ice rink globally, and in summer and spring into a formidable channel for practicing water sports.

    But besides, the country's capital offers a long list of monuments, museums, and artistic scenes that express its great creative and cultural vitality. The National Gallery of Canada offers the most important national art collection in the country and temporary exhibitions of the most prominent international artists. The Canadian Museum of History celebrates Canadian and world cultures and houses the world's largest indoor collection of totem poles in its beautiful main hall. The ByWard market is the absolute epicenter of the city with an unbeatable selection of shops, food establishments, bars, restaurants, cafes, and breweries; all this with a very peculiar stamp, the result of that double French and Anglo-Saxon personality, which is more present here than in any other city in Canada.

    Look the view at the Bruce Peninsula

    The cliffs rise above the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. In large forest areas, black bears roam, and rare reptile species find refuge in rocky areas and the various wetlands. Old cedars create spiral shapes on the cliffs' edge, a multitude of orchids and ferns take root in a mosaic of habitats, in a unique ecosystem. It is the Bruce Peninsula and its National Park, one of Ontario's best-kept secrets in Georgian Bay.

    The view is incomparable from the top of the highest point of the cliffs. Tall trees stand guard between an endless expanse of water and the sky. From beaches and bike paths to farmers markets and lighthouses, breweries, vineyards, caves, cliffs, cafes, art galleries, and concerts… bohemian and pure nature. The Bruce Peninsula is like a small country within Ontario, a cultural, environmental, and social microcosm that is a stone's throw from Toronto. Enjoying the amusement rides of the fairs or a trip by ferry are small pleasures that reach another dimension.

    Why do you need to rent a car in Ontario?

    Rent a car with Auto EuropeWithin the entire Province of Ontario, you will have long distances so that you can travel these recommendations that Auto Europe recommends, that is why if you want to have more comfort and independence at the time of your trip, you can rent a car at the best prices in the world. The market in an unbeatable way; that is why within the confidence and professionalism that Auto Europe works, our commitment is to offer you quality at the right price.

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