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    10 Must-See Attractions in Vienna

    Known as one of the most incredible locations in the world, Vienna attracts thousands of visitors each year for its spectacular views and its wide variety of attractions. As the largest city in Austria, it offers a rich history with stunning architecture that can be seen on each building. When traveling to Vienna , there are several must-see sites to visit to fully experience the culture and enjoy an unforgettable stay.

    1. Leopold Museum


    To view one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art, Leopold Museum features hundreds of unique pieces that were all collected by Dr. Rudolf Leopold himself. While touring the location, guests can enjoy seeing panoramic views of the city while learning about the modern architecture that is seen on the building.

    2. Prater


    This public park features an amusement park called Wurstelprater, which offers bumper cars, a ferris wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains, games, and plenty of souvenir shops. Admission is free to guests and each ride costs a small fee. It's a classic theme park for all ages and is open between the months of March to October.

    3. Imperial Palace


    This Gothic Imperial Chapel has stood for nearly seven centuries and was once a place where the Habsburgs ruled. Today, it's known as the office of the President of Austria and is also a historic landmark where visitors can see the Vienna Boys’ Choir perform each week during Mass.

    4. Albertina


    Albertina is considered one of the most popular attractions in Vienna for a museum that features exhibits with architectural drawings, over one million master prints, modern graphic works, 65,000 drawings, and hundreds of stunning photographs.

    5. Parliament Building

    Vienna Parliament

    The Parliament Building is one of the most popular sights to see in Vienna, allowing travelers to witness where the two houses hold their sessions throughout the year. First built in 1883, the architecture features a Greek Revival style and spans over 13,500 square meters. It's also the location where the president of Austria is sworn in and gives his state speech.

    6. Kunsthistorisches Museum

    Kunthistorisches Museum

    This art museum first opened its doors in 1891 and was commissioned by the Emperor, alongside the Naturhistorisches Museum. The octagonal dome is one of the most notable features on the building, which reaches 60 meters high and can be seen when driving in Vienna. Inside, visitors can view picture galleries with collections from Emperor Rudolph II, Ferdinand of Tirol, and the Habsburgs.

    7. Vienna State Opera

    Vienna State Opera

    The Vienna State Opera has been one of the most popular things to do in Vienna since the mid-19th century and can be seen by those driving by and using car rental Vienna. Both the interior and exterior of the building are breathtaking with a marble staircase, regal chandeliers, and statues that are placed throughout the opera house. Guests can attend first-class productions with over 50 ballet and opera shows held throughout the year.

    8. Imperial Crypt

    Vienna Imperial Crypt

    To view a historic burial chamber, the Imperial Crypt is a must-see when driving in Vienna for a chilling site that is located beneath the Capuchin Church. 149 bodies of Austria’s Habsburg dynasty are in the crypt with the last burial taking place in just 2011. Guests can tour the crypt in a cold, underground location that offers a greater understanding of those who ruled the country and how they passed.

    9. Donauturm

    Vienna Donauturm

    Since 1964, the Donauturm has been one of the most notable attractions in Vienna and is known as the tallest structure in the city, often seen by those using a car rental Vienna. As one of the tallest buildings in the world, Donauturm offers bungee jumping from the top, as well as an observation deck for those who want to experience panoramic views of the countryside. It's a family-friendly attraction with a cafe at the top, which continuously rotates for a chance to enjoy incredible scenery at every table. Guests also appreciate the transparent ceiling of the elevator, which shows just how fast you're going when traveling to the deck.

    10. The Rathaus

    Vienna The Rathaus

    Known as Town Hall, The Rathaus is where the mayor and city council have seats. The stunning building can be seen at a distance with incredible architecture and gorgeous outdoor gardens. For those who enjoy the arts, the Vienna Film Festival is also held at the site. Outdoor concerts, summer films, and food stands are also available outside in the courtyard for a chance to enjoy the warm weather in one of the most stunning buildings in Vienna. Centrally located in the city, The Rathaus is also within walking distance to other museums and attractions. Inside, visitors can get a chance to view the sculpted chandeliers that hang from wrought wood ceilings.

    Explore Vienna's Attractions with Auto Europe

    Worried you won’t have time to visit all these awe-inspiring destinations? Worry no more, as a car rental at Vienna Central Station, is less than three miles from Leopold Museum, Albertina, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Imperial Palace, Imperial Crypt, Parliament Building, State Opera, and The Rathaus. Casually overlooked in favor of more common tourist destinations like Paris and Florence, this eastern European metropolis is the perfect destination for the exploratory traveler. Avoid the large crowds, and tourist trap price schemes of the more common travel locations, when you fly into Vienna Schwechat Airport, your gateway to the home to Mozart, some of the best food in the world, and a host of stunning attractions.

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