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Luxury Car Rentals in Zurich

The charming city of Zurich makes its home along Lake Zurich where it meets the Limmat River. When you book a luxury car rental in Switzerland, getting to Zurich in style is easy. Almost every highway in the country leads right to the city! Book the car of your dreams and begin exploring Switzerland's largest city today!

Popular luxury car rentals in Switzerland:
Range Rover Evoque Rental Ferrari 458 Rental Porsche Panamera Rental
Range Rover Evoque - The Evoque is a premium crossover that is known for its technology and sleek design. This environmentally friendly SUV has the off-road capabilities of a regular sized Range Rover that comes in a smaller package. With suspension geared comfort, the Evoque offers a smooth ride. Ferrari 458 - Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is a cohesive mixture of technology, performance and design and is the first car to ever combine a mid-rear engine with a retractable hardtop. The 458 Spider was awarded the prestigious title of engine of the year in 2011, as it delivers exceptional performance. Porsche Panamera - The Porsche Panamera 4S is a high-performance luxury sedan with a unique mix of speed, comfort and space that few other models can deliver. This vehicle has a stylish coupe silhouette and a trendy hatchback body with agile handling, excellent steering and impeccable cornering grip.

Explore Zurich in a Luxury Rental Car

Switzerland's official language is German, but many of its residents also speak English and French, making it easy for international travelers to get along while visiting Zurich. Hop in your luxury car rental from Auto Europe, like an Audi A8 or a Mercedes SLK convertible, and make your way over to Altstadt, Zurich's Old Town. You will have to park on the outskirts as it is a pedestrian area, but you can't leave without seeing it! Lovely cobbles pave the way through this well preserved town where you will find a vast array of local shops, restaurants, coffee houses and pubs.

Zurich Luxury Car Rental


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How to Book a Luxury Car Rental in Zurich

Luxury Car Rental in ZurichBook your luxury car rental from Auto Europe online today! If you have any questions, you can reach one of our luxury car rental specialists by calling our toll free number 888-223-5555. Book your dream car with Auto Europe today in lovely Zurich, Switzerland!

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