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Peugeot Open Europe: Buy Back Program

Looking to book a car rental in Europe for more than 17 days? If so, consider our Peugeot Buy Back program. You'll get a brand new Peugeot for the entire length of your trip, whether you need a vehicle that's economical, spacious enough for the whole family, or more sporty and stylish. Try a practical 207sw, a roomy 807 Monospace, or a sleek 308cc. With over 45 available pick up and drop off locations, our convenient Buy Back program may be an ideal option for you!

Please Note: These rates are applicable only for citizens or residents of Canada. If you are a citizen or resident of the United States, please visit our US web site. If you are not a citizen or resident of the United States or Canada, please contact us for more assistance.

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Short-Term Car Lease

Short Term Peugeot LeaseMonthly Car Rentals with Peugeot

To assess whether a Peugeot short-term car lease is right for you, start by answering the following questions. Are you:


  • Planning a trip to Europe that will last 21 days or more?
  • Traveling between two or more European countries?
  • Between the ages of 18 and 25 or older than 65?
  • Interested in saving money?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, read on, as Auto Europe explains why a short-term Peugeot lease benefits you!



Peugeot Short-Term Car Lease Expanded Age Eligibility 

College-age travelers (18 - 25) labeled as "young drivers" and retirement-aged tourists (65+), are the most likely to spend an extended period of time overseas for things like study abroad programs, internships, and longer vacations. Unfortunately, a quirk of traveling to Europe are the rental age restrictions imposed on these age groups by many car rental companies, but a solution is at hand! When you participate in Auto Europe's short-term car lease program, the daily fees assessed for your age, or the outright refusal to rent because of age, is a thing of the past. The minimum age requirement to lease a Peugeot in Europe is 18 and there are no maximum age restrictions!


Travel Freely Between 40 European Countries with a Peugeot

A standard European car rental requires upfront disclosure of all countries you definitively or even possibly plan to visit while in possession of the car rental. This is because car rental suppliers will either require you to pay additional rental fees and add on further insurances to do so, or completely deny certain models or categories to travel into certain countries. Auto Europe prides itself on being able to help our clients finesse details and find resolutions for all their transportation needs in Europe. The simplest and most economical solution for travelers who plan on touring extensively during an extended stay in Europe is a Peugeot lease. This enables you to travel freely between 40 European countries.


Short Term Car Lease in Europe

You can review the full list of countries under Auto Europe's terms and conditions for Peugeot monthly car rentals as to where your Peugeot can travel, and refer to our Peugeot short-term lease locations for relevant pick-up and drop-off information. 


Saving Money While Traveling with a Short-Term Car Lease

We've already discussed a few ways a monthly car rental with Peugeot can benefit a wider range of travelers, but there are many other ways Auto Europe clients are saving money touring Europe with a Peugeot lease.


Additional Drivers Are Free with a Monthly Car Rental

Whether it's a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, or even your mother's, sister's, aunt's friend from college taking a turn behind the wheel, additional drivers are free with a Peugeot lease. 


Zero Deductible Insurance Coverage

In the unforeseen circumstance that you are involved in an accident, or your Peugeot is stolen, the last thing you want to hear is that you have to shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to cover the deductible before the CDW and TP kick-in. There is zero deductible insurance on Peugeot short-term car leases, letting you walk-away without any new out-of-pocket expenses if your Peugeot is stolen or part of an accident. Take a look at these additional pertinent details on European car rental insurance.


Peugeot Lease Car Rental Insurance

** Insurance for Peugeot monthly car rentals is only valid in the list of 40 specific countries in the Peugeot terms and conditions. If you travel outside of the coverage area, you will negate the insurance benefit and be libel for the entire cost of the vehicle and any applicable damages. Back to top


Other Savings & Benefits of a Monthly Car Rental with Peugeot

  • Unlimited Mileage - There are no mileage limitations
  • No Conversion Fee - You pre-pay in CAD, saving on expensive conversion fees
  • Value Added Tax Exemption - You are not obligated to pay a VAT tax or Airport charges
  • Left-Hand Steering - Provided on all factory-new Peugeot car rentals

Peugeot Short-Term Car Lease Roadside Assistance

It's important to know that you have someone to call at any time, day or night, should you experience a problem with your Peugeot short-term car lease. You receive the benefit of 24/7 roadside assistance in the 40 different countries that are also covered by your Peugeot zero deductible insurance. 


Booking Your Peugeot Monthly Car Rental

If you're a non-European citizen, or a European Union citizen whose residence is outside the E.U., and traveling in Europe for a minimum of 21 days or more, you are eligible for Auto Europe's short-term car lease program.


Request a quote for a Peugeot short-term car lease online, or call toll-free, 1-888-223-5555 to speak directly with an Auto Europe Peugeot reservation specialist.


Peugeot Monthly Car Rental

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